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SHOW NOTES & Listen to each episode here:

Episode 1: About Beers With A Miner Podcast

Episode 2: Karen Part 1. From Cleaner to Dump Truck Operator

Episode 3: Karen Part 2. Welcome to the Dump Truck Operator Club!

Episode 4: Brain Dead Trucki

Episode 5: Emotions at Work

Episode 6: Wannabe A Miner?

Episode 7: Binge Drinking Miners

Episode 8: Meet The Hard Hat Mentor

Episode 9: What are Real Miners?

Episode 10: RIP Big T. Lessons Learned

Episode 11: How do YOU bend?

Episode 12: Dozer Dude 

Episode 13: Jodie Davis Life Coach & Coal Miner

Episode 14: Nicole Ashby FIFO Families Founder 

Episode 15: Lisa Mirtsopolous Dump Truck Discovery

Episode 16: Kirsty O’Callaghan Separated By Work Author

Episode 17: BONUS 1 Qld Mining Expo Mackay

Episode 18: Lyn Olsen Retired Laboratory Supervisor

Episode 19: Brendan Maher CEO of “RUOk?”

Episode 20: Miner Killed at Work

Episode 21: Mad Bazz Trainer & Operator

Episode 22: CW Operator and Cool Chick!

Episode 23: Part 2 Kirsty O’Callaghan Author

Episode 24: Julia Hartman Accountant and Publicity Tart!

Episode 25: Hard Hat Mentor “Drewie” is back!

Episode 26: 5 Newbies & Why They Quit!

Episode 27: Rayls. 30+yrs Dump Truck Operator to Driller

Episode 28: 4 Ways to Make Your Donga Homely Audio Blog

Episode 29: We All Need A Break. What Can You Stop Doing For A While?

Episode 30: Dan. Young Opterator and annoying pratical joker!

Episode 31: Audio Blog. Is The Grass Greener At Other Sites

Episode 32: Underground Coal Mining. Could you do it?

Special 1 Year Anniversary: Red Carpet or Cyclone Debbie?

Episode 33: Saraya D’Arth Apprentice Electrician Underground

Episode 34: Matt Tomlins Ceo & Co-founder of Cover Card

There is no No 35! It makes up for the Bonus 1 year episode with no number 🙂 Lesson Learned

Episode 36: Sickies and Wintertimes Audio Blog

Episode  37: Laundry Etiquette at Camp. Why is it important? With Hard Hat Mentor & Karen from epBonus:  2&3

Episode 38: Brendan Waddington. Author “Wellness Bible-No bullshit guide to wellness.

Episode 39: Bonus: Mad Mumzie talks all about R u OK? Day 2017

Episode 40: Listening choices at work. Radio stations listen up

Episode 41: Author Jo Emery of “My Dad is a FIFO Dad.”

Episode 42: Questions for Mad Mumzie. New Years edition

Episode 43: Renee Coman. Distance Assistance Founder


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Mad Mumzie


2 Responses to Beers With A Miner Podcast

  1. drewskid says:

    I remember when you published that letter and was surprised that you told the doctor the truth.Never in amillion years have I done that. But its not every day of our life eh !

    • MadMumzie says:

      From Episode 007: Yes I think I may the the only one who told the truth in the “How many drinks do you have?” I also remember how horrified you were about the doctor wanting to give me anti depressants. Crazy! Thanks for listening 🙂 Cheers

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