Boys ‘R’ Crazy!!



Let’s face it. They can be annoying, loud, rough, muddy, messy….. crazy!  Not like girls.

My eleven year old grandson argues and carries on with older male relative in the house constantly.  They try to out do each other all the time. Argue, picky, have to win and be right. It feels like they hate each other, it saddens me. But then when the older male leaves, they have a hug, quick bounce off the belly and away they go. They even say “Love you.”

I am left frazzled by the drain on my energy just listening to them.  Trying to keep the peace and harmony. He’s just pushing the lines. They want the last word on each other, and on us, and up the ante each time.



 mad mumzie boys fifo

AAHHH Boys!!!

Talking to my daughter she says:

“Mum that’s how boys are, you’re just not used to them, only girls. Him and his friends, they talk about river ratting and fishing, pigging and shooting things, inventing stuff and preparing for when the zombies invade, and starting a scooter club, weird stuff.  Its how they are.  You’re just not used to it!!”


When my Grandson hugs me, he squeezes me too hard and it hurts. I had to ban him from hugging me too hard.  As heartbreaking as that sounds, I have been saying it on and off for a year or so now.

This time I’m serious. Its a new line that I have drawn.

Am I getting older? Probably, but he is getting stronger and taller too. Seems like yesterday he took my hard hat to school for show and tell, and my work shirt touched the ground when he put it on.

He is very proud his Nanna drives the big trucks….

I know boys like to play in the mud, and with trucks and stuff, but now he’s getting older, some new “boy” things are coming out. As well as more mud and trucks, add too many Nerf Guns and leaving his “inventions” all around the yard, and you tube videos with loud sound effects when I’m watching the news!

He just said “It’s not all about fairy dust and feng shui Nanna.”

“Why not? It should be I reckon.”

Last week he said that my house “smells” like feng shui… oh too cute eleven year old boy.

“Love your eleven year old,

for they are only eleven once.”

This was the title of a letter I received from my daughter’s primary school teacher when she was eleven.

It came at a perfect time, as I was struggling somewhat dealing with her behaviour and moods. I always tell her it’s lucky the teacher sent that letter when she did, or I don’t know what I would have done.

But hang on, she’s a girl! I guess boys and girls can “drive us crazy.”

My grandson recently said he can’t wait to be an adult, and asked me what it was like?

This got me thinking that’s for sure. I remember being told when I was a kid to enjoy it, because its hard being an adult. School is the best time in your life, and every adult just wants to be a kid again, right?

I’m not sure on that. I told him it’s hard sometimes being the “Adult.”  You have to be responsible for so many people, go to work, get money and then do the right things with that money. You always wish there was more, even though when your a kid adults seem to be soooo rich. You need to plan for your future, be safe, do the right things, set an example,  be fit and healthy, teach your kids how to be in the world,  and  so much more!

Being a kid ain’t all it’s cracked up to be either, now that I have grown up. So much peer group pressure, and learning stupid stuff you don’t care about. EVERYONE telling you what to do, and they don’t all agree. There are hormones to deal with, in yourself and others, and the mood swings in those adults around you for various reasons.

How we all survive and end up to become said “Adult” is amazing really.

…..and then before you know it, an eleven year old looks up at you and says;

“What’s it like to be an adult Nanna?”


I think next time I will say, “I will let you know when I grow up!”

In conclusion they say to deal with issues you are having, its best to take action of some sort. so here are my;

6 Action Steps for Crazy Boys

  1. Make Nerf Gun Storage rack for bedroom.
  2. Buy new range of Nerf Rebelle Guns for me! Pink ones.
  3. Purchase new set of headphones to replace the angry birds ones eaten by the dog, for you tube listening.
  4. More core strength exercises eg. Ab Circle Pro to deal with hard hugs.
  5. Stop trying to keep the peace all the time.
  6. Have him tow his truck and trailer around yard for collection of his inventions, prior to mowing lawns.

Please share any of your storage solutions for the ever increasing Nerf Gun collections. I seriously think they are taking over bedrooms all around the world. We will also work on some experimental designs and keep you posted.

and….love your eleven year old… boys and girls… for they are only eleven once.

Then they are twelve!! That’s another story.

Mad Mumzie boys fifo

I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Good, bad and ugly. I know I won’t please everyone!! But let’s share this road together.

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  1. Dionne Drew says:

    Hey Blister,

    Loved that article! How is the core strenght re the hugs going?…..

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