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  1. Kerrie says:

    Hi Mummzie I love listening to your podcasts as it so great to get some background info. I’d like to apply to be a truck driver but am a bit concerned about how long you have to wait to get a pee break? I’ve heard some horror stories and I could probs only last two hours max 😳

    • MadMumzie says:

      Hi Kerrie. Thanks so much for your kind words! I’m glad you are enjoying the podcasts. As for peeing…It depends on your site but you have the right, as everyone does, to pull up and go for a toilet stop/comfort stop, just have to put in your delay. I don’t drink enough water really so that’s why I can hang on for 4-5 hours sometimes. The Hard Hat Mentor my sister says it is unhealthy though and when we are driving cars on the road should never have a full bladder. Imagine the pressure if you are in a crash and the seat belt can rupture you. Eeep. Some ladies just pull up on the dump out of site and squat, take paper towel with you :-), or like me now, head up to the crib hut. Sadly a lady was killed when her own truck rolled over her and I have never done it since! The other thing is do you call up and announce to the world your going to pee!? I asked my supervisor when first started and he said no, we will get the idea. It is personal choices, site and crew etiquette. Blokes just pee off the deck of their truck. They say they check out where I am on the circuit so I don’t see lol. Also take “opportune” pee breaks. If you go get fuel, or the digger goes down head up even if you don’t feel like it. Also as women we have the monthly cycles to deal with and that is none of the blokes business. Take control of your choices and do what ya gotta do. They know it comes with territory of having women on site. Cheers. and good luck!!

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