New Years

New Year’s Resolutions. “For miner’s eyes only!”

It’s a New Year, and as usual every man and their dog are talking resolutions and goal setting. Things change throughout the year, and it could be a good time to see where you’re at, and plan the next 12 months. Why?

2014 was a challenge for many of us. How about you?

Did you lose your job, or change workplaces? Perhaps you finally retired? What about your relationships? Are you both happy? Did you start a new one, finish up, or still single after all that trying? Did you buy or sell a house, move to a new area, or back in with Mummy and Daddy? Maybe the kids moved back in with you? Did you have a baby, get pregnant, or sadly, farewell a loved one? Did you get fitter or fatter? Are you a rich miner, or did you need help from friends and family, or go on the dole? Are you happy and living life to the fullest, or thinking about picking up that phone to Lifeline or Beyond Blue?

It is a narrow path we tread, and one step either side can change everything.

Let’s go mining related now. Ask Frank the Tank and Sensible Susan for that relationship advice!

Any goals other than a new boat? Here’s a couple to get you started.

Drink less at camp.
This will help with any weight related goals, save you money, and you can officially not be an alcoholic!

Make a bigger effort at work.
Don’t laugh! Do it for yourself, not them. Don’t tell anyone, just try and improve in everything you do. Why? It’s a way to challenge yourself, keep the mind active and make the shifts go quicker.

Eat healthier food.
With all the choices in the mess, depending on your camp, you could eat healthy, or do your darnedest to get that trucker’s belly! No need to have eggs every way. Fried, poached and scrambled! Only eat pavlova 3 nights instead of 5 this year.

Contact kids more.
They don’t even have to be your own kids. What about your nieces and nephews? The grand kids? Kids are good for the soul, not tarnished with adult views and logic. Big dreamers, inventors and just bloody funny at times with the stuff they say, or try to say, even teenagers. Interact and have fun with them more, the old cliché “Quality time.” Help out at their school, and keeping fit will stop those tuck shop arms!

Seriously 350 words ain’t enough SM….head to for extended version of my articles, or target the editor to give me more words! 😉

Head to New Years Resolution cont….for a full  1085 words and links!

Happy New Year
Mad Mumzie xx
Ps.. this one is 454


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