New Years Resolutions cont…

“For Miner’s Eyes Only!”

Happy New Years!!

As usual every man and their dog are talking resolutions and goal setting.

Why? The “experts” say it is a good time to have a bit of a reset and start afresh. Things can change throughout the year, and it could be a good time to see where you’re at now, and what you plan to do in the next 12 months.

2014 was a challenge for many of us.

  • Plenty of people lost their jobs, changed workplaces or are still looking for work. Perhaps you finally retired, or took a VR?
  • What about relationships? Are you both still happy, or did you start a new one, end an old one or still single after all that trying?
  • Did you buy or sell a house, move to a new area, or back in with Mummy and Daddy? Did your kids move back in with you?
  • Did you have a baby, get pregnant, become a grandparent, or sadly had to farewell a loved one, or two?
  • Did you get fitter or get fatter?
  • Are you a rich miner, or did you need to ask for help from friends and family, or even go on the dole?
  • Are you happy and living life to the full, or thinking about picking up that phone to Lifeline or Beyond Blue?

It is a narrow path we tread, and one step either side can Change everything.

So why do you need a refresh? Maybe you don’t. I’m just putting it out there with the masses, but let’s go mining related now. You can deal with all of the kids and relationship issues! Ask Frank the Tank and Sensible Susan for that!

A couple of goals you may not have thought of outside “getting a bigger boat…”

Drink less at years beers

This can help you with any weight related goals you may have set. You will wake up fresher and ready for work, save money, and you can officially not be an alcoholic! Many don’t drink at all at work, but I also know of many who regularly do.

Make a bigger effort ……at work!

Don’t laugh! Do it for yourself, not them. Don’t even tell anyone. Try to improve in everything you do. Why? It’s a way to challenge yourself, keep the mind active and younger, as well as making the day go quicker too. You gotta be there anyway right?

Eat healthier food.

With all the choices we have in the mess, depending on your camp of course, you could eat healthy, or do your darnedest to get that truckers belly! A good mate of mine prided himself on having eggs every way for brekky.

“They’re good for you?” Not 6 a day, fried, poached and scrambled!

It’s about baby steps. Choose this year to not have that pavlova three nights out of 5?

Say “Hi” when out at work.

Walking to the mess at camp this week I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of people who actually look at you and have a little “G-day” moment.

Some are open and easy, others are the slightest little acknowledgement, but they all contribute to the morale of the peeps out there. I try to make a point of being first, saying “Morning!!” even if it’s 5pm. It’s morning when you are on night shift.

What about at the mess? Do you say thanks to the person who has the honour of washing all our dishes as you scrape your plate? They too are normal people working long hours, on shift work and usually away from their families too. I once had a chef say that no-one thanked them, they thanked the person doing the dishes! Some people don’t thank anyone. That could be a new goal for 2015 if you are one of those people?

It can be a lonely time in camp. Away from family and friends, especially when you are new and are surrounded by a bunch of strangers. Stuck in a small little room only popping out for a smoke or to put your washing on can get a little depressing.  What if you don’t smoke? Do you just sit in your room the whole time?

Get out, go for a walk/stroll to the recreation room, make a cuppa and put the tele on. If someone comes in, say hello to them. They too may be feeling a little lonely and wishing they weren’t there. A bit of a chat could be just what is needed to keep both ya chins up!!

Contact kids more.

….ok so I said I wouldn’t talk about kids and relationships, but I’m a Mum and Nanna at heart! They don’t have to be your own kids either. What about your nieces and nephews? The grand kids? Your mate’s rug rats? Kids are so good for the soul. Not tarnished with adult views and logic, big dreamers and inventors and just bloody funny at times with the stuff they say, or try to say, even teenagers.

Try interacting and being present with them more. Put your iPhone down, have a yarn, and actually listen to what they say. Interact and have fun with them more, the old cliché “Quality time.” Help out at their school, and keeping fit will stop those tuck shop arms!

What are you going to do to make 2015 your best year ever?

I heard a guru suggest picking a theme for the year. Mine is “The Year of Happiness.” What is yours?

If you need to talk to someone to help you, here are a couple of links and phone numbers. Don’t be too proud, or shy. Many people use these services, and the lovely people you will chat to are qualified to help, unlike Mad Mumzie.

Lifeline:                     or call  13 11 14

Beyond Blue:           or call  1300 22 4636

Man Therapy:          or call  1300 22 2638


I am just a nice woo woo lady who wants everyone to be happy and living a fantastic life. I too have my ups and downs, and when I am at the bottom of that hole, in a cave, or a tunnel with the light being another f……g train (instead of the guiding light) I know that talking to people has helped me out a lot.

Hopefully you are in a good place and have some awesome plans for 2015, but what about your mates? Let’s watch out for each other on this journey.

Mad Mumzie New Years

I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Good, bad and ugly. I know I won’t please everyone!! But let’s share this road together.


Happy New Year
Mad Mumzie xx

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4 Responses to New Years Resolutions cont…

  1. Tara says:

    such an insightful piece.
    my 2015 is the year of health & harmony. You have certainly made me look at a few things differently. I need to thank more people after all we all play a part in this beautiful world x

  2. Cathie Walker says:

    Well Said!!! Thank you for the reality check! It is always good to be reminded about other peoples honesty about lifes ups and downs. Makes you feel less alone in this world xx

    • MadMumzie says:

      Thanks Cathie. Yes we all have those ups and downs, but rarely shared. It’s at our lowest we really need to know there is support out there, just have to reach out, but that can be the hardest part sometimes.

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