Binge Drinking Shift Miner Article

Mackay/Townsville area listed as 2nd in Australia on the list of biggest binge drinkers.


Why do we binge drink? I can tell you why I do.


Working away from home, trying to stay safe, keeping your job and earning $$ whilst avoiding sickness and injury. Most would rather be elsewhere.

The excitement builds as days off get closer.

We go from saying “How was your break mate?” to “What’s on next break?”
Hump day, only one to go, sports day, this is the one we have be waiting for!

Golf, fishing and catching up with mates are on the must do list for many. Mowing lawns or helping a friend move house? When there is work to be done it usually involves a drink.

Am I endorsing binge drinking? No. Do I do it? Hell yes, but I don’t drink and drive, I do plan ahead, and I do drink at home, sometimes alone. I enjoy it, and I am on break. Am I an alcoholic? No, because I don’t drink on night shift!

The first time I answered a work health questionnaire I was doing great. Plenty of sleep, active, healthy, non-smoker. Then came the drinking section where you write how much and how often you drink. You’ve done one of those right? Were you honest? I was. The doctor said I needed an intervention!! Why do you drink so much? What is wrong in your life? Are you stressed? Here have anti-depressants instead! No way.

I have a few beers to unwind, relax, de-stress and socialise. A mate asked, “You didn’t tell em the truth did you?” Note to those in that industry, most of us aren’t telling you exactly how much we drink. If we did, we would be number one on that list for sure!!

Please cut us hardworking miners some slack. We also need to be aware that drinking too much, too often, especially around our loved ones, can make us a pain in the arse to be with at times, and oh yeah of course it’s not good for you.

Mad Mumzie Binge Drinking

I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Good, bad and ugly. I know I won’t please everyone!! But let’s share this road together.

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