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Mad Mumzie


“Let me share my madness with you”

I am not a perfect angel by any means, hence my crooked halo!

I swear a little, love my beer and sport, drive a fast car and have been in the mines for over a decade driving the big trucks. As I begin my journey to “get out of the mines,” I want to share what it is really like, pathways available and steps you can take to get in.  

I also want to help you make the most of your time there, and to have an escape plan. That way  you can enjoy the journey knowing you are setting up an awesome future for both you and those close to you.

It is a passion of mine to help others decide if they are cut out to be a miner, by  helping  you to understand just what that means in all aspects of you life, and what it is really like out there.

It is not just about the big bucks!

 However that is what most people focus on. $$$$$

Money alone won’t actually fix everything. You need to know what questions to ask yourself before you even bother beginning the journey to try and get in.  Are you cut out to be a miner??

More Mad Mumzie Fun Facts!

“Who am I?  What happened to me?  Is This all there is.”

Certainly I have made mistakes and some wild choices along the way, but they have made me who I am today. I am now a much stronger, passionate, and driven person. Always trying to live life to the fullest, but it takes a little work, soul searching and  lots of affirmations and visualization!!

Keep kidding yourself until “Self” starts to believe in you.

I love motorbikes, am scared of horses and don’t really like cats. Frogs are awesome, spiders are ok, but snakes better just stay away from me!!

Talking to my angels and believing in the power of the universe helps to get me through the tough, challenging times. Laughing at myself and trying to sort my shit out are always a priority.

Feng shui and superstitions are also important to me.

Like how did I deal with breaking two mirrors in four years..?  It simply is not in my psyche to allow the belief of seven years bad luck. Especially the second time! Doh….

Nanna’s are cool.

No offence to any Grandmas,  but that is how I dealt with becoming a Nanna at 37!

Doing my best to inspire others, including those who are facing a new beginning, or just discovering time for self at last after the kids have grown and now thinking;

I’m generally positive and happy, and try to see the good in people and situations. I am a futurist in the true sense of the word, and can spend more time visualizing, meditating and bloody list making than actually taking action to make things happen.

Sometimes I do get “mad” in the true sense of the word;

Just like you do too I’m sure?

I have developed a few internal strategies to help me get over each experience as quickly as possible, and to learn from it, whilst trying to share that outlook with others.

Please come along for the ride that is a Mad Mumzie world. Let’s inspire, share and help ourselves and those around us to lead a “Mad” life. If you are looking to “Get into he mines” the number one thing is who you know. I hope that by getting to know Mad Mumzie and the network that is building here, we can all connect and help each other so our dreams can become reality. …..if I stop writing lists and take action!! lol


Mad Mumzie

I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Good, bad and ugly. I know I won’t please everyone!! But let’s share this road together.

Please continue to dig around (get it?) on my site, and keep coming back, because I am only just beginning this journey!

I would love to hear from you on Facebook and twitter and you are very welcome to leave a comment below, if you can get through the robots! Challenge on.

Mad Mumzie,

Mind, Body, Spirit & Money in Mining.

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