Team 10 “The Girls”

“The Girls” are here!!!

10 Successful women from the mining and resources industries share their top 3 tips to help you thrive and survive in male dominated roles.

6 Responses to Team 10 “The Girls”

  1. Dionne Drew says:

    Outstanding insights here from the girls who know their sh#t. Thank you. PS how do I share this on my facebook page? I cannot find a share button on the download or this page. Great work Mad Mumzie, as always.

  2. MadMumzie says:

    oooh!! Thanks for that Dionne. I have added the side bar now so it can be shared, which would be much appreciated. Also head to to share my post from there. Thanks for your awesome comments, and for being first 🙂

  3. Lisa says:

    Although I’m one of the Team 10 contributors, I found it very insightful to read the other girls’ tips. Some were similiar but between all of us, we covered just about everything to help other females wanting to enter jobs that have been typically male orientated. Go girls!

    • MadMumzie says:

      Thanks Lisa. I have to agree that many of the tips were connected for sure. That was interesting to me as Team 10 “The Girls” are all different ages, different levels of experience and roles in the industry. Great job from everyone, including yourself. Thanks heaps and I can’t wait to interview you for the upcoming podcast “Beers With a Miner.”

  4. Terri says:

    I wish I had of found your information, before I started as a dump truck driver, the week I went solo so much happened and I had to have 3 weeks off to look after my elderly parents, I lost the plot , let fear over ride me and quit! Beating myself up ever since as normally I get through things . I may have a chance to get back in, but I’m worried now that the fear of failing again has set in. Help! Any advice ! I now know what to expect , let’s say too I didn’t have a trainer that really explained anything to me, I always felt I was guessing , but didn’t know what questions to ask cause I was soooo green. Should I just go for it or ….. any advice would be very appreciated!!!

    • MadMumzie says:

      Thanks so much for sharing Terri. It can be overwhelming for many so please do not beat yourself up about that. Life gets in the way and we need to have time to consider what is important at the time. I say..on the woo woo side..sit with your thoughts about this decision to even have a go at getting back in. I struggled for a good 9 months as you would know if you listen to my Beers With a Miner Podcast, and continue my challenges still to this day after 13+ years as a dump truck operator. Would I be more at ease in a dress shop or an office? There will always be someone who “makes” life at and workplace a challenge, however our mining lifestyle as operators of huge machines IS life and death. is driving on the highway to that dress shop job everyday. I say take life one day at a time, breathe in-breathe out, and keep believing it will all work out no matter what you choose. Perhaps you do get to have another chance and #survivemining, in fact thrive. My biggest advice is you can always have another go and if you really feel after the second go it’s not for you, move on and see what the wonderful universe delivers next. Be excited about your life adventure. Please feel free to reach out via email also mate. Cheers. And good luck….breathe in, breathe out 🙂

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