No Experience. Where Do You Start?

What to do now? Where to look?

What if you have No Experience?

Mad Mumzie is here to help you be ready to “POUNCE” on your mining career.

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“I struggled early on, and still do sometimes.

Mining is not as easy as many people think!

Some are cut out for it, and others are not.

……Are you?”

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I have chosen to focus on you becoming a dump truck operator in a coal mine in Qld, because that is what I know and it is what I have been doing for over 13 years now. These tips can be used to get a foot into the mining door and help you in any mining career really.

Once you are in, you can see what else is available, what you enjoy the most and embark on many other avenues in this wonderful industry.

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It is my passion to help others know what it’s really like, and to help as much as I can, in my own special Mad Mumzie style. That is why I now have a podcast “Beers With A Miner,” which is into it’s second year.

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Get Ready To"POUNCE" Be ahead of the pack with no experience as a Dump Truck Operator. Mad Mumzie is here to help.

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In the meantime keep digging around. Get it? Dig, mining? Ha ha I crack me up!


Mad Mumzie


Listen to the Beers With A Miner podcast for interviews with

past and current peeps working in the industry.

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Mad Mumzie also shares audio blogs with insights and thoughts from how to get into the industry, to how to make your donga more homely, or how she got through a rough day with a cranky dozer driver on the dump! Start to learn the mining lingo and just what you may expect. Not everyone is cut out to be a miner, but why not? Are you?

This quick 8 question survey will help you to start thinking about your mining career, see how much you know about what to look out for as you try to get your dream job in the mines.

Click here: Your Mining Job Survey

There is so much more I want to share with you, like what to expect once you get a phone call for an interview. What about once you have a start date? What comes next? First day on the job, challenges that may arise and where help is available.

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I look forward to seeing you on the inside and helping you to take your first steps toward your job as a dump truck operator in a coal mine in Queensland.

Cheers,Mad Mumzie Hard Hat Logo

Mad Mumzie

PS: Comment below and share your journey so far, any wins you have had or just to say g’day!

no experience

Get Ready To"POUNCE!" Be ahead of the pack with no experience as a Dump Truck Operator. Mad Mumzie is here to help.

Woo Hoo you're in! Thanks for taking the time to join our Pounce Tribe.

Look in your junk mail or inbox for a confirmation email to check that you really are keen, and not just dreaming about that job!

In the meantime take a look around the site. There are plenty of things to dig into....get it? Dig. Mining.....



Mad Mumzie


6 Responses to No Experience. Where Do You Start?

  1. James says:

    Thank you for the information and the passion to help others. I am committed to doing whstever necessary to get my foot in the door to eventually become a fifo haul truck operator. I am in the process of getting necessary paperwork together, white card, police clearance, senior first aid but am unsure of which operator training provider to employ to train me. Some are cheap with no connection to the industry. Some are expensive and suggest you 3ill be employed through their network, without a gaurentee of coarse. I think i need to focus on an entry at all cost and then reasses when i have some great experience. Any advice is appreciated. Once again thank you for the content. 🙂

    • MadMumzie says:

      Hi James thanks for your kind words. I too hope you get your dream job in the mines. If you sign up for the No Experience email list you will receive a few emails with tips and advice as you asked for. Cheers, MM

  2. Millie says:

    Well igot myself a start as trainee dump truck operator in smaller mine……start in around s month and now im shitting myself….would love info on what to expect starting…rules .saftely ect and tips and hints on how i can succeed….i learn different to others and this worries me a little…..

    • MadMumzie says:

      That is great news Millie! I will shoot you an email. It can be overwhelming when you first start because they tell you everything at once. Take in what you can and you will pick up the rest along the way. Stay out of the gossip and be a great listener. There is a lot of support these days for people who learn in many ways. If you aren’t picking it up from one trainer, perhaps a different one will help. I heard the same thing 6 times about how to turn to back up under the shovel, then I GOT IT once explained the 6th different way! Try to relax into it, enjoy the journey because yay you have your dream mining job! You will be pleased to know, but be an old hand it by then, my next course after how to get in is “You have a start date, now what!” Cheers and thanks for letting us all know, stay in touch.

  3. Jade Mitchell says:

    Hi there ,I’m looking at a career change ,I have s11 confined space ,heights ticket ,high risk forklift ticket ,iv been welding most of my life and concreting ,hope to hear from you soon thankyou

    • MadMumzie says:

      Hi Jade thanks for saying hi. If you haven’t already may I suggest yousign up to the no experience email list. You will receive a few ideas of things you can do now that will help you on your journey into mining. Also I share jobs I come across for newbies on my Facebook Page. Just search for Mad Mumzie. See you on the inside, and good luck!

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