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Do Robots Need Humans?

Do Humans Need Robots?


Dad rang me in a panic. “You will be out of a job. Robots are taking over!” He had just watched the news on autonomous trucks. I said “I bet they didn’t mention the one that crashed into the water cart!” The big miners are set to increase driverless train, drill, and truck numbers.

People run the show from computers in the big smoke. Like sitting at home on PlayStation and getting paid for it? My grandson may like this mining job more than being a digger driver?

The Real Miner says they must still need people to service and fix them. I guess fitters are safe, but there will be no more operator error issues to deal with!


This got me thinking: “What can I automate in my life?”


I already have my own robot at home, “Robocop.” He’s a vacuum cleaner. Zips around sucking up mess, as I follow watching his pursuits. Doesn’t really save me time, but definitely energy. He does however need my help to be automated.

The American accent informs me:

“Error: Clean brushes. Error: Move robot.”

(Stuck under the lounge again. I told you not to go under there!)

I also have to empty the dust out and make sure his docking station is accessible to power for charging. Quite high maintenance really!

The same company make a gutter cleaning robot that flicks the leaves out of roof gutters. Cool right? Sadly he wouldn’t work in mine. Hmmm time for new ones?

I think a robot for cleaning walls and high ceilings here in Queensland would be a great invention, and have researched in the past to see if anyone is getting close.

My idea is for one that eats up the mould that grows with all our humidity.

There is a shower one on the drawing board, like a pool vac. They have my concept but it needs water and a hose, which might not be too good on the carpet? Real Miner says it needs to be like a sucker fish in my fish tank. Yep that’s it. Breed up an insect or something, could be as successful as the cane toad!

What could a robot do for you…outside of taking your position at work?

I guess if they do automate everything, us operators will have time to clean the floors, gutters and mouldy walls!

Perhaps I could become a fitter for the driverless trucks?

However I think being the PlayStation style miner is more up my alley, as I don’t like to get very dirty.

Or I could be the Australian distributor for your mould robot, email me! I would love to hear your thoughts on where we are heading with robots.  What robot would you like in your life? Do you already have one?

Yours in mind, body, spirit and money in mining.

Mad Mumzie

Mad Mumzie

Mad Mumzie x

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