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Do you stay in a “Donga” at camp? They can be cold, sterile and un-inviting. This doesn’t help our moodsmad mumzie donga-2 and mindsets, and may contribute to mental health and fatigue issues.

Donga designs, age, sizes and quality vary from camp to camp. Do you have a permanent room, or a different room every round? Bedspreads, pillows, towels and little soaps are placed the same way, same colours and styles, week in-week out….always the same!

Here are 4 tips to help “de-generic” your donga and make it feel more homely…Yes even you blokes can do some of these!

1. A plastic folder and blue-tack.

Take some mementos for your wall, mirror, next to your bed, near the fridge. Wherever you will see them. Look at what makes you feel good, why you are doing what you do, and why you will get home safe.

• Favourite pics of family and friends.
• Notes and drawings with messages from your kids/partner.
• Brochures of your next dream boat, holiday, motorbike, ride on mower!
• Pics of your favourite places to hang out when you’re not at work.
• Your footy team logo. QUEENSLANDER!!

2. Bring your favourite pillow, or at least a pillow case.

After living the camp life for a while, you will realise some of the pillows, er bricks or pancakes, can prove to be a disaster. A sore neck and restless sleep will affect your fatigue and moods.

Changing the pillow case and leaving it on the bed for your stay may help you feel more at home, your personal space. Your bed is the lounge suite too, so jazz it up a bit. Cool pillow cases are available in the bedding shops or online (have them delivered to your door.) No excuse.

3. Choose a rock, a shell or a teddy…yes a teddy!

Not into teddies? Your kids probably are. My point here is to bring a little bit of someone special with you, that you can see, touch and smell. You might even say hello when you get back to your room like I do. “Honey I’m home!”

It doesn’t matter what it is. Those left at home will know you care enough to take a piece of them with you.

I have 5 teddies to choose from that my kids, grandson and partner have given me over the years. In the idea of fairness I bring a different one each week for an adventure! They sit on the passenger seat of the V8 for the drive.

Only have one bag to bring with you on the plane or bus? How about a rock or a shell that you collected with someone special in your life? You can feel connected to them whilst talking on the phone holding it, or even just chilling by yourself watching the tele.

4. Things you can do without bringing “stuff”

• Stop living out of a suitcase!
• Unpack your bag and store it out of site
• Put toiletries in the bathroom cabinet
• Take non work related clothes for after work, gym and travel. No room? At least wear your travel clothes. You can wash them at camp.

Remember to pack everything when you leave. Maybe you have to get up 5 minutes earlier on sports day, but in my book it’s well worth the effort. If you are lucky enough to have a permanent room, you’re way ahead of many of us, so you especially have no excuse!

The Real Miner says:

“Just live out of your suitcase cause its work! Throw it on the desk, you’re done. It’s like making your bed, pointless, your only gonna get back in it. Why bother? As if I haven’t got enough freakin jobs to do.”

He shakes his head and laughs when he comes to my room. So lovely and inviting, not cold and sterile like his. No wonder he always visits me!

The ideas for this are endless and very personal. Next time you’re home take a look around.
What can you bring to help take the edge off working hard and being away from your loved ones?

Mad Mumzie

Mad Mumzie

What do you take to work to help you? Please share in the comments below and we can all help each other.




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