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Latest Beers With A Miner Podcast Episode

How is Renee Coman helping fifo/bibo/dido families stay connected when away for work? A start up entrepreneur, podcaster and fifo wife she shares her why, passion and drive to use new technologies like Virtual Reality during the process of onboarding to new sites. What is the camp like? Where is the mess? Do they have internet, and what provider should you be with? Distance Assistance has a growing list of experts to help with retention of workers, mental health support, gamifying your time away and sooo much more. This is a long episode but it is also fun as Renee and Mad Mumzie go deep into cyber space to talk about the future and ways to Thrive and Survive working away.

No Experience?

Get Ready to "POUNCE!" Be ahead of the pack with no experience as a Dump Truck Operator. Mad Mumzie is here to help you on your journey into the mining industry.

Women in The Mining Industry

10 women from the mining industry share their thoughts on what it takes to thrive and survive in male dominated roles. Fun look at what it's really like. Your free download here.

What Goes On In The Laundry @Camp?

Mad Mumzie's Latest article in Shift Miner Magazine. Read the mag here, and my article too on page 19
no experience

Get Ready To"POUNCE!" Be ahead of the pack with no experience as a Dump Truck Operator. Mad Mumzie is here to help.

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