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After having to do a “tuck and roll” drop off at the airport, Steve and Jo Emery’s 3 kids were devastated. They didn’t get to say a proper goodbye-not even a trip to Maccas helped! That night Jo sat in bed with a glass of wine and wrote the “My Dad Is A FIFO Dad” book. Her daughter cried when she read it the next day. “That’s about me and Dad.” But where does Dad go when he gets on the plane? This well illustrated book and optional activity cards help many families across Australia and the world who experience separation because of FIFO/DIDO work. The aim of the story is to encourage an “I’m OK when Dad’s away” mindset in children.

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Get Ready to "POUNCE!" Be ahead of the pack with no experience as a Dump Truck Operator. Mad Mumzie is here to help you on your journey into the mining industry.

Women in The Mining Industry

10 women from the mining industry share their thoughts on what it takes to thrive and survive in male dominated roles. Fun look at what it's really like. Your free download here.

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Mad Mumzie's Latest article in Shift Miner Magazine. Read the mag here, and my article too on page 19
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no experience

Get Ready To"POUNCE!" Be ahead of the pack with no experience as a Dump Truck Operator. Mad Mumzie is here to help.

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