SM Are Mobile Phones Anti Social

Is the art of conversation leaving us?mad mumzie shift miner

Many peeps rock devices nowadays, so why talk to each other? “Shoot me a text or PM.”

I have worked on sites with and without mobile phones, it makes a huge difference. We are forced to have intimate gatherings in small spaces at times, and how we interact and deal with those is interesting.



I see Pros and Cons for having devices on site.

They create isolation and less interaction. Mental health is a huge issue, and sitting on phone instead of talking to each other won’t improve it. If you do not adhere to strict mobile phone policies you can get sacked! Do you have a habit of updating your Facebook status? Doing it at the wrong time, or sharing a picture from site can be your undoing. A phone ringing in a meeting has become more serious these days. Not just “That’s a carton!”
People are less likely to help you when they can only use mobiles at the crib hut.

“Give us a lift mate? “ “Sorry, I’m busy…checking Facebook!”

Now for some good news.
If you are new, shy or feel unloved on crew, you can hideaway in your phone, but look up occasionally and chat about that video you’re watching. Google can answer a crossword question that is stumping everyone! How long til it rains? The radar is a favourite and stalked regularly! When it does rain you can bet someone has a movie or 2 on their phone to share.

The most important pro I see is touching base with home. Connecting with loved ones can do wonders on a bad day. They may like to know what you’re up to, your safe, and share their news. Be aware the opposite can happen. You could be having a great day til your kid texts and wants to borrow more money. “Intimate” text sessions with your partner can spice your relationship up, but that’s more Frank the Tank’s department!

The Real Miner says underground do not have normal mobiles phones in the hole, so they have to talk to each other. The guys on the surface are on their anti social devices at their crib huts though!

I choose to leave my phone in my locker. I like an old fashion chat to get to know people and help make the long hours interesting. Am I annoying? Perhaps to some. Keep your head down in a corner on your phone and I will leave you alone, unless I think somethings wrong.


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