10 ways to Take Back Control Of Your Life!

….And become “The Best YOU!”

take back control

Life is a roller-coaster ride, and we need to be ready for it!

I use these 10 tips to get me through, I hope they can help you too, and that your roller coaster is in the kids section, and not the extreme thrill seekers section of the theme park!! Hang on .. we can get through this!

When crap has gone down and your mind has shifted into old patterns of:

  • Why me?
  • Not again!
  • I’m not getting anywhere.
  • Nothing is working.
  • I will never have any money.
  • Why bother exercising!
  • These kids are wild
  • ……..endless personal worries for each of us!

Worrying and thinking about all the things in your life that can, and do go wrong, will only lead to a sad, strung-out, stressful life, filled with regret and probably some sort of illness or addiction as a result. Unless you go into training and prepare for the ride!

Try my “Top Ten Tips to Take Back Control of Your Life”

  1. Find your Happy song.
  2. Go for a Walk.
  3. Listen to Your Affirmations.
  4. Answer those “What ifs?”
  5. Create a Vision Board on all your devices.
  6. Get rid of the old. Make way for the new.
  7. Have a cup of tea. “The Act.”
  8. Girls Day Out.
  9. Listen to Podcasts.
  10. Sleep Easy.


1. Find Your Happy song

Make a play list of your most uplifting songs that change your mental state without hardly trying. Right now my favourite is “Happy” from the Despicable Me 2 movie. You can check it out here:  you tube video... It is such an awesome song, makes me want to dance and most importantly smile!

Find your Happy song. Listen to this whenever you get a chance, but especially when you feel your mood shifting to darker places. Put it on in your car, turn it up loud and sing your heart out, cry if you have to. Then laugh at how silly you must look to the person parked next to this crazy woman dancing in her car at the traffic lights!

2. Go For a Walk… 

My best “me” times come when I get out of the house and into nature. Going for a walk doesn’t necessarily mean putting on your gear, sweating and powering for ten kms. Although if that’s your thing that can be awesome too.

I find even a stroll around the garden, glass of wine in hand can do wonders!

My favourite walk is to grab a beer or a coffee, depending on the time of day and the mood I am in, and walking by the river to see what’s doing in the world of nature.

This can shut up those ever nagging voices in my head for a while. Usually by the time I come back I have a few answers, a new outlook and mission to accomplish on my return.

It may be a phone call, an email, pay that bloody bill, or in my case write a blog post. Some exercising and a glass of water to make up for all my coffees, who knows?

I always, always feel lighter. I also try to say hello to everyone I see on my walk. Smile, say hi. As David Wood  from the Kick Ass Life says, “Be First!” First to say hi, smile. Make someone else feel special, and you will feel a lot better.

3. Listen to Your Affirmations….

Back in the eighties I purchased a book by Louise Hay called “You Can Heal Your Life” I learned through that book the power of affirmations. Most second hand bookstores will have a well read copy that is still spreading the healing words contained within, or check out amazon for instant download.

It is basically saying what you want to have happen, say it as though it has already happened, say it often, read it often, stick it on your mirrors etc.

However recently I have changed from listening to other peoples affirmations about how I should be, to my words, my voice, even me getting a little cranky and bossy with myself.

 It usually makes me laugh and smile at how I was talking to my inner self when I recorded it.  Combine listening to affirmations with going for a walk you will come home a new woman, ready to take on the world!

4. Answer the “What Ifs”…

Plan, write, vision, answer the “what ifs”

We can spend so much time worrying about what is going wrong in our lives, what we have/don’t have yet, illness and world worries about ourselves and everyone else in our lives…on and on…

Some people worry about EVERYONE ELSE and never about themselves. Is that you?

A way to help this is to start writing stuff down. Make, find, buy a nice notepad… head to a nice quiet spot to sit and get started.

There are many many ways this can be done, and your way will be right for you. Basically the aim is to get it out of your head, give you a bit of space in there for good thoughts to take over and new actions to change your life begin.

What are the big questions? Write out what is the worst case scenario and then try to answer it.

What if you lost your job? Well what are some options.. cause there are options… What if the love of your life is having an affair and leaves? Well what the hell would you do? …there are options. What if you your kid gets hurt playing by the creek?… get the idea.

This isn’t to focus on the negatives, its to shut them up!!

So get writing and make room in your head to notice the good things around you, and make room for more of those.

What if you worried about a “What if” for days, weeks, even months on end, and it never even eventuated?

Did you just waste precious moments of your life worrying about it, not sleeping, being a pain to be around, angry, scared, upset, crying, bad habits? For what?

For nothing… We might as well try to lighten up, even a little. Take the edge off your life worries, for most of them are out of your control anyway! Deal with them when and IF the time comes.

5. Create a Vision Board, in Your Digital World too…

Create a Vision Board. This is a collection of pictures, quotes and sayings about the life you are creating for yourself and your loved ones.

Cut out, print, draw, paint, take pictures, make video,… its up to you,

Get some cool things onto a cork board, up on your fridge, near the kettle, on your computer desktop, your screensaver and phone backgrounds. How about a pinterest board or three?

Design your vision board for you.

Every time you look at  it, believe and know and “feel” the energy and excitement that comes from having, being and doing all the things in the pics.

But you still need to take some action, listen to the inner voices and gut feelings that start to come through when you get rid of the crap in your head.  I have a cheque from the Universe Bank for $1,000,000! Of course its not just about money. I also have photos of my family all happy and healthy, my dream outdoor pool and entertaining area, my new car and my favourite angel card “peace of mind” is on there too,  isn’t that what we all want?

Have I cashed my cheque from the universe yet? No I haven’t, but that’s OK because I am taking action, and feel like it will rock up any time now!!

6. Get Rid of The Old. Make way for the new…

Get rid of the old to make way for the new. De-clutter, Feng shui your life.

How your spaces are, is how your mind is, usually. How therapeutic is it to have a “spring” clean? This can be done at any time!

Start small, go through your underwear  draw and only keep the nice things that actually fit. What about your cleaning and toiletries products? Your office or papers? Your photos on computer and in boxes. Your car….yes the glove-box too! De frag your email inbox and hit unsubscribe.

Remember your garden too. Get weeding (the crap out of your life) and your plants will love you.

You can change the energy of your life by doing this.

Feeling satisfied, cleansed and ready for the new to come in. Those who share the space with you will even be affected by these actions, maybe not your knicker draw though! Check out the Feng Shui page for more tips.

7.  Have a cup of tea. “The Act!”…

It’s amazing how this can help. You choose what sort of tea is to your liking. There are mountains of info out there on the benefits of black tea, green tea, chamomile tea…but for this post we are talking about

“The Act of Having a Cup of Tea”

It’s sort of like “the act of going fishing, rather than actually catching any!”

Do yourself a favour, and round up a lovely, proper, nice, delightful, cool tea cup collection for different moods.

It’s also nice to have a couple in case sharing with a friend is required.

Sometimes you need to be the one helping a mate, and a cuppa and chat can make all the difference. 2nd hand shops have heaps at cheap prices, maybe your Nanna has a few spare? The department stores have an amazing array and those special little home-wares and kitchen shops too.

My favourite is this one that came in a box! Now that is special. Sit somewhere quiet and nice if possible, and enjoy your cuppa act. Then, on with your day.

8. Girl’s day out…

We all need time with our mates. Be that when we are at our lowest, or highest moments. Its so easy to be caught up in the day to day running of our lives, that time for us just gets pushed away.

Staying home can be the easiest option most of the time, but that can lead to hibernation and eventually waking up saying, “I have no friends.” So make an effort to stay in touch with your girlfriends.

Go to lunch, have a huge night on the town, have a movie night, sleep over, Skype call or face-time each other.How awesome to be able to walk around your house and show her all your de cluttering efforts! She might want some of the stuff you are now giving away?

9. Listen to Podcasts…

What is a podcast you may be asking? In short it is like a radio show, but you can listen at your leisure on any device, even in your new car.

That’s right, newer cars are coming with Podcast Episodes built right into the stereo set up now. How awesome is that?

The other great thing is they are free!

You can choose from an always growing array of people creating podcasts on an amazing spread of subjects.

Comedy, music, spiritual growth, business, marketing, families, travel, TV shows, how to…everything and the list is growing by the hour!

These are great to listen on your commute, at the gym, on a walk, doing the dishes, gardening…my favourite is when I am on the ride on lawnmower! Good earplugs.

Learning, and inspiring and uplifting. They truly are fantastic.

Head over to I tunes, search the podcast store and subscribe. Easy as, and life changing. Please share your favourite podcast and why in the comments section below if you already love them like I do. Watch out for Mad Mumzie’s Podcast coming in 2016!


10. Sleep Easy…

Finish your day off peacefully. Look back on what you achieved, the good things that happened. If shit went down, know that you can sort it out, deal with it and keep moving forward.

The universe does strange things to us at times. How many times I have said….

 “What now Angels?? Come on already!!”

Usually it is a lesson that needed to be learned, or a connection that needed to stop, or start.

 Be grateful, thankful and smile a little to yourself believing, knowing that tomorrow will be even better!

Put on some lovely guided meditation  or relaxation music to help drift off to sleep. If you have a partner I am sure you can come up with your own ideas to finish off the day!

The most important is to know that now you are in control, not those bloody voices in your head.

Now It’s Up to You.

Take Action. Change Your Thinking. Change Your Life.

I hope these ten techniques can help you as they help me?

Writing about them has inspired me to step away from the computer, pour myself a wine and go sort out my wardrobe, with ‘Happy” playing in the background to entertain the neighbours!!

What are you going to do?

Please like my Facebook page if you haven’t already and follow me on twitter, that would be awesome!

Now get out there, and make those dreams come true, stop worrying and have some fun!!!!

Mad Mumzie

Mad Mumzie

xxxx Mad Mumzie 


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