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Fatigue Management. How well do you sleep?


Ok so it that doesn’t sound too “woo woo” does it? Fatigue Management is straight out of the procedures manuals across many work environments. Even driving on your long holiday trips you will hear


“Police are now targeting fatigue. Have a Break every 2 hours.”


Let’s face it, there are times in our lives we struggle to switch off and get to sleep. If you are working shift work, or you are planning to when you get that dream mining job, you will need ways that work for you to switch off and get some good shut eye.


Need to sleep? Fatigue Management

Can’t Switch off?

I have discovered this fantastic web site I wanted to share it with you straight away.

I feel better after just visiting and exploring.

Try it out if you are having trouble switching off that ever present array of inner voices that crank up just when you are trying to switch off!!

Put on your headphones or just listen through your speakers

I think you will enjoy this fantastic, always growing array of downloads and cd’s to help get through the days with a bit more of a spring in your step, and belief that all is well in your world.

There are plenty of samples to click and explore for free….just doing that made me feel relaxed ready to take on anything.

I purchased the “Sleep Well Tonight” relaxation with ocean waves. OMG I love it!!

Click here to listen to sample:      Sleep Well Tonight!

You will find  relaxation music, guided meditations and visualizations to help you with everything from relaxation, weight loss, motivation, massage, grief healing, self esteem building, and even increasing your income.

Do any of these interest you?

  • Deep Relaxation and Healing
  • Well Mind and Body
  • Relationships
  • Personal Growth and recovery
  • Intuition and Higher Guidance
  • Visualization for Success
  • Learning to Meditate
  • Spiritual Connection
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Kids and Family
  • Music for Massage and Healing
  • Music for Meditation
  • Amazing Musical Colours

Another option is  You Tube. They have heaps of relaxation videos that go for hours some of them!

Head over to check them out… but remember you may be using your data up so be aware of that when it comes to “Free” stuff.

Here is a lovely relaxing example I enjoy…. Relaxing Music on You Tube


Mad Mumzie Fatigue Management

I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Good, bad and ugly. I know I won’t please everyone!! But let’s share this road together.


Please share any fatigue management tips and tricks that you find useful in the comments below. It’s not only shift work that can prevent sleep.

You can also head over to Mad Mumzie on  Facebook to join in the conversations.

Mad Mumzie xx

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