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Feng Shui Basics.

Looking from the entrance, imagine dividing the space into 9 even squares, like a grid. Each one of those has a meaning in Feng Shui.

You can place the “Bagua Map” over your desk, room, house, even your whole house including the gardens. There are thousands of variations and styles, even debates on northern vs southern hemispheres! Don’t make it rocket science unless you have plenty of time on your hands.

Different Areas mean different things.

The very basics are to keep everything clear of clutter, your plants healthy, fresh air flowing through your home, warm and inviting. Easy right?

Its like a science, and I am not going to bore you with it all here. I am not a “Feng Shui Master” by any means, but have seen it in action many times and I am a believer.

For a more in depth look check out the Bagua Map.

It has made a big difference in my life plenty of times. 

My back was killing me I had a terrible head cold.  As I went to get my dressing gown from the wardrobe I realised I couldn’t even get to it because of the junk all over the floor and clothes spread over the room. The window was shut and blind down, because I couldn’t get to it to open it. Hmmm….then it dawned on me, this is my health corner…

No wonder I m sick!!

In a similar situation I had a heap of large bills come in and not much cash flow, sound familiar? Even so called “rich miners” get into this situation, more than you would think.  Once again it dawned on me that my abundance corner was full of weeds, dying plants, cobwebs and an old broken office chair I had thrown out too. Cleaned up my abundance corner, planted some new plants and within days I had great news from my accountant that I was to get a larger than expected tax return.

Thank you angels, however it was also thank you de-cluttering and Feng shui I believe.

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