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When the money starts coming in, or stops all of a sudden, it is good to have a plan, or  at least know where to go!

Bantacs Accountants can help you

stay on top of the latest

tax and investment news.

A special page has been set up for us  miners! How good is that? Check it out here:

They are the first sponsor of the Beers With A Miner Podcast, and founder Julia Hartman is Mad Mumzie’s accountant. She has a passion to help us miners make the most of our hard earned money and stay up to date with the latest deductions we can make.

Julia Hartman BantacsJulia co-wrote a book with Noel Whittaker “Winning Property Tax Strategies” to  property investing, has appeared on TV, Wednesday Weekly Webinars on her You Tube channel, social media guru for the Bantacs business and is proud to be know as a Publicity Tart!


****Scroll down to listen to podcast episode with Julia Hartman from Bantacs

and Mad Mumzie

Passionate about figures and numbers, Julia travels in her van with her dogs and birds to visit clients, whilst the Bantacs offices run smoothly helping clients in their local area.


Weight has a lot to do with the tax department when it comes to

claiming your trips out to work.

Head to Bantacs for all the latest up to date info. A new spread sheet is available with common work tools used for different mining positions. How heavy is YOUR mining gear??

Of course always check with your accountant before taking any action, but I highly recommend Julia Hartman and her team at Bantacs.


Jump onto their website to see heaps of up to date tax and investment advice plus much more. Tell Julia Mad Mumzie sent you. She knows miners and has been getting many of us on track for years, although I have been a challenge!

Plenty of free booklets also, including one especially for miners, and my favourite…”How to claim your trip around Australia as a tax deduction!”

Click here to read and download the Miners-booklet and find your local office, or contact Bantacs online.

Julias Blog:

Listen in as Julia gives Mad Mumzie a few hard truths in our first podcast interview. 

Have you recently been made redundant? 

Australian Securities and Investments Commission sounds official and scary but I found some great advice here on what to do if you have been made redundant.

Use your money wisely, plan for your future and enjoy living our mining lifestyle to the fullest!

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