Woo Woo Stuff

In this section I will share stories, tips, tricks and strategies I have discovered over the years to help our  mind, body and spirits.

Just because your a miner doesn’t mean you should go feral and get a trucker’s beer gut, a foul mouth and lose respect for those around you. We can still be aware of our environment too, even if being a miner goes against your hippy side.


You need to be able to shut down your mind so you can get to sleep. 

What about the art of placement? Heard of it? Feng Shui it up, de-clutter your abundance corner, health and family area. Do you even know where they are? Our lives need all the help we can give it.

Are you struggling with some big issues? Worrying yourself about too many things. Here are some strategies that I use. We all hear these things over and over, but need to reinforce them at the crisis time. If that happens remember to come back to Mad Mumzie, I have to remind myself  regularly!!


Stay Fit, eat well, don’t drink too much! smoker? 

Still need to stay fit, how much of that crib do you really need?

Find the gym, or at least a good place to go for a walk after work.


Meditation, karma, The Universe, Angels, connecting with animals. 

I am not a religious person, I am however very spiritual, hence my woo woo side, and my halo.

Trying to find some time to be still, listen, take some deep breaths, quiet  the mind and chill-ax  is very important, even in a truck. The water cart was a favourite of mine to do just this, each time you return to fill the tank.

Being conscious of looking for the birds and wildlife who gather around the water hole.  I am usually pretending to be somewhere fancier than the fill point, like in the tropics or down by the beach! It is just another way to help take the edge off being “at work” at making the most of your time no matter where you are.

Use the time to “work on yourself.” Do you like self help books and personal development? These can get a little addictive, just one more book to “fix” me or the situation. You have to remember, and so do I!! to take action on what is read.

For a good belly laugh check out my friend Ruthy Otero’s you tube videos on this subject. Hilarious!! You can find the link here….but remember to come back from the deep hole that is You Tube .



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