Notes from the Universe

So just what are “Notes from the Universe?”


I first heard about these on a podcast where they were interviewing Mike Duly, a motivational and spiritual speaker. They sounded cool, so I signed up.

Over the past year, each week day I have received an email from The Universe into my inbox!    Yes The Universe 🙂

When you sign up you fill in a small questionnaire sharing a few of your dreams and goals, challenges and struggles. This info is then added to the daily notes in a way that helps them  “speak” directly to you.

They are mostly short and concise, easy to read and understand.

Surprisingly, many of the notes are quite whimsical. Bringing with them a smile and feeling of being  a little lighter, whilst checking my email inbox.

I highly recommend this service to you. It  certainly  helped me through a tough 2014.

Your daily notes are provided, for free, as one of Mike’ many passions. There are a few items for sale at the bottom of each email, like Angel Cards, (hmmm might need those!) But you don’t even need to scroll down that far if you choose, just read your personal note for the day.

Click here to register and see many more testimonials and sample notes ….Notes From The Universe

Here is one of my latest Notes From The Universe:

It’s good to be King, better to be Queen, but best to be Mad Mumzie.  Because to be Mad Mumzie, just as you are, without any upgrades, required the passage of every second of time in the unfoldment of the entire cosmos… as warm-up.    And you keep getting better.    Plus, this just happens to be the year you’ll have passive income way more than any mining wage. Hubba, hubba…You have my smile,
The Universe

Let’s hope that The Universe is right!!! Stay posted.

Mad Mumzie Notes from the universe

I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Good, bad and ugly. I know I won’t please everyone!! But let’s share this road together.


Please let me know what you think of the notes and post a comment below.

…..and Mike says:

“Thoughts become things, so choose the good ones!”

Good luck with your journey.

Mad Mumzie xx

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