Brain Dead Truckie?

My first Article in Shift Miner Mag!

Very excited to have this opportunity to help spread the Mad Mumzie philosophy. Thanks very much to Angus Peacock, Editor, for all of your kind words, encouragement, and for making me only write 350 words!! Great challenge, as clearly  my other blog posts show that I love to go on a bit.

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Brain Dead Truckie?

We spend so much time in our machines, especially if you’re a truckie.
What do you do with your time? Other than dream about being anywhere but here.

Thoughts running through our head hour after hour can seriously mess you up if you have issues going on in your life. The wee hours of the morning, being away from family, unable to help out in times of need, and thinking all the worst thoughts and scenarios.

You gotta be here to get the big bucks right, so why not plan ahead a little bit?

Escape into a good book, plan a holiday, do some brain therapy…that Sudoku does my head in! …Study something, anything. I knew a guy who was doing his human movements degree in a truck. Research your next boat, draw your next tattoo, or like so many, read some trash mindless celebrity magazine. Whatever blows your hair back?

Of course you need to keep focussed on your work at the same time, but going up and down the same ramp doesn’t have to be as brain numbing as some people make out.

Nowadays you can get courses in audio format that you could put on a USB stick or an iPod if your site allows those. There are talking books galore, so you don’t even actually have to read it. Podcasting is the new big thing and there are seriously awesome choices available from comedy to cars, dating to TV show chats, and my favourite…..hmm you will have to guess that one!

Of course if you love music and you choose to listen all day to your favourite tunes, blast away. But please, still listen to the bloody two way. The peeps with their music up not answering is so annoying. Funny how they always hear when it’s time to park up though!

What’s your style, laidback country or head banging thrash metal? I was listening to a song going up a ramp on night shift that kept repeating “Shut your eyes and drift away,” not a good idea. Plan that track for day shift!

Brain Dead Truckie by Mad Mumzie

If you are a Truckie now, or not I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Good, bad and ugly. I know I won’t please everyone!! But let’s share this road together.



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