28: 4 Ways to Make Your Donga Homely Audio Blog

Do you stay in a “Donga” at camp? They can be cold, sterile and un-inviting. This doesn’t help our moods and mindsets, and may contribute to mental health and fatigue issues. Here are 4 tips to help “de-generic” your donga and make it feel more homely…Yes even you blokes can do some of these! A short audio blog with Mad Mumzie’s Muzings on why you should bother, and ways to do it. 


A donga is the word miners use to describe the rooms we stay in at camp. It has other meanings in the dictionary such as a ravine and strangely a penis! This audio blog is about our rooms. One meaning I did find suggests where Donga actually came from perhaps.

You can look into your self here if you like?


donga more homely 28


dong more homely


donga teddys Poo and Pirate

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