013 Jodie Davis

Jodie Davis: Life Coach & Coal Miner

Mad Mumzie chats to Life coach and coal miner Jodie Davis. Jodie has done the Tony Robbins fire-walk and training and much more. Listen in as a couple of coal miners have a chat over a few beers in MM new studio. Why should you be your own fly on your own wall? You don’t need to be a miner or a dump truck operator to take away some awesome new ways to handle life. We talk about it in a fun way that relates to many…poor me, angry and pissed off, or sad and depressed? Here are some more ways to bounce yourself out of the black hole once and for all!


Jodie Davis and Mad Mumzie cheers Jodie Davis and Mad Mumzie

 Jodie Davis


 Tony Robbins RMT Training Centre

Beers 10 RIP Tony x

Beers 5 is the episode I talk about emotions and crying in my truck.

Email Jodie for your personal questionnaire: jodiescoaching@gmail.com

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Until next week, stay safe, be real, be special and have fun for we only live once.


Mad Mumzie

2 Responses to 013 Jodie Davis

  1. drewskid says:

    Brilliant.Amazing.Outstanding. How to use tools from insights into _6 human needs _ time line therapy _ fly on the wall _ positive learning _character types _posture and eye positioning had my mind spinning!!!!!absolutely unbelievable. You never did get to the cutting out bits .Don’t think you will ever do better than this one/. Congratulations xxxx

    • MadMumzie says:

      Wow Drewskid what an amazing comment!!! Thank you soo much. So glad you enjoyed it. Hope your mind is spinning in good ways and you can perhaps use them too in your life or those around you. No pressure lol….let’s see how we go doing better. But really it’s not about better, it’s about bringing each episode and guest to the thoughts and processes of those listening…you. Oh and I get plenty of free therapy at times too! Like this one with Jodie. I chose to leave the cutting out bits in there after discussing with my editor…Again I really appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment. Cheers.

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