010: RIP Big T. Lessons learned.

How do workmates deal with their supervisor dying on the job? How does anyone? 3 years ago today my family lost a treasure. Big T  was my daughter’s partner. He was a fun loving, Aussie bloke who we all thought was going to be part of our family forever. Today I honour the short time we were all together by sharing with you a few words from the heart. They are helping me to heal, and perhaps I hope, may help you too when life turns to crap. This episode is not just about living the mining lifestyle or life as a FIFO operator, but dealing with what life throws at us. This is the first episode in a series to realise help is out there, for all of us.

Big T


Big T Blog Post

Crocs Here? Tony and Dad’s adventure

Kinda Bent….but not broken

This episode is the first in a series to share how we can get through the bad times, but more importantly watch for signs and perhaps prevent them from happening in the first place!

The Hard Hat Mentor will be back, Jodie a life coach, and much more. I look forward to digging into this subject more. I hope you will too.


Big T

  Big T big t toya pup big t toya and shan Big TBig T memorial run



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Until next week, stay safe, be real, be special and have fun for we only live once.

Cheers, Mad Mumzie


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2 Responses to 010: RIP Big T. Lessons learned.

  1. drewskid says:

    wow.hell.shit.!!!! What a powerfully moving dissertation this was. Brilliantly done !!!!!!!

    • MadMumzie says:

      Thanks so much Drewskid. It was a challenge, but needed to be done. Thanks for listening, and for commenting, I really appreciate it. Cheers.

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