014: Nicole Ashby

Nicole Ashby, founder and former director of FIFO Families. Media spokesperson for FIFO inquiry. Regular on the TV, radio and newspapers. I feel honoured to have Nicole on the podcast. We dig deep into subjects like did you feel pressure to get things done with the government on our behalf? Has anything changed do you think? From the FIFO inquiry what else has to be done, what is missing? What is it someone thinking of entering the mining industry should know, what about your family at home? How do you deal with your “Pinch Points?


SHOW NOTES & Links: Nicole Ashby

014 Nicole Ashby

Nicole’s favourite wine. Windance Rose

The Hard Hat Mentor episode

Nicole’s coach and mentorPaul Counsel

Mining Family Matters

The impact of FIFO work practices on mental health Final Report

Beers With A Miner episode 10


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