25 Hard Hat Mentor Drewie is back

Hard Hat Mentor  “Drewie” is back! As sisters we chat about her Women In Boots series, Mates in Construction and the new Mates in Mining, what she is doing to help Rock The Downturn in a new way for people who are “in-between jobs” and exciting news on an overseas gig with GYST Consulting. What language does she have to learn in just 1 month? Be sure to stay tuned to hear what her last interpreter said to the room when she told a joke!



Hard Hat MentorEpisode 08: Hard Hat Mentor (MM Sister)

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GYST Consulting

GYST..Meet Clive Lloyd


Mates In Construction

Mates in Mining….to come

Man Up Tv Series on ABC

Women In Boots can all be found on Drewies Linkedin profile

until we finish the Hard Hat Mentor website

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Safety On Tap Podcast

Tough Muther Karen Finocchio

Dry Erase Paint...I need some of this! Anything can become a whiteboard

Mad Mumzie’s ABC interviews:

ABC Queensland

ABC Darwin…first live interview ever!

Hard Hat Mentor

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