37: Laundry Etiquette at camp. Why you need to get it right!

What is your line? Would you touch other’s socks and jocks, fold clothes or chuck em on the floor so you can get yours done before bed? Hard Hat Mentor is back and Karen from ep 1 & 2 who is now a laundry fairy being nominated for awards. Listen in to hear what goes down in the laundry and what NOT to do! Maybe you’re lucky enough to get your clothes washed but how much goes missing? Fun chat with 2 awesome ladies who have had their fair share of adventures over a washing machine!

Laundry Etiquette


Laundry Etiquette:

Links from the Episode:

Bamboo Worksocks

Health and wellness on foot care

Barrow Island WA

002: Karen Part 1: From Cleaner to Dump Truck Operator

003: Karen Part 2: Welcome to the Dump Truck Operator Club

The magic of vinegar in your laundry

Saraya’s episode 33

***to come…Karen’s Melbourne Kitchen Project

*** Karen’s nomination for award

Adani Australia

laundry etiquette

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