33: Saraya DArth Underground apprentice Electrician.

How did this 21 year old young lady go from saving turtles and dog sledding through Russia to getting filthy dirty, working with blokes in a Qld coal mine? 3rd year electrical apprentice chats with Mad Mumzie. Saraya D’Arth was a finalist in 2017 Women in Mining Qld Awards and has an in depth look at how she handles the constant darkness, getting filthy dirty and working with all those blokes. 

She also answers the most common questions she is asked like “Don’t you get scared? Where do you go to the toilet? Do you have to shower with the blokes? And why do you always wear your sunglasses even on cloudy days?”

Saraya D'arth underground apprentice electrician


Saraya D'Arth coal miner

Saraya D'Arth

Saraya D'Arth and Mad Mumzie at WIMARQ awards

Saraya D’Arth meet Mad Mumzie at WIMARQ awards

Links from the Episode:

Google Saraya D’Arth and you will see all the links from turtles, to wilderness adventures and Resources Award Finalist! As she speaks of in the episode her mining career is beginning to out-shadow her outstanding work as a teenage eco warrior.

Kirsties O’Callaghan episodes ..part 1 and part 2

Episode 32 with 2 underground miners turned open cut operators.

She Wee for women to urinate discretely. Does Saraya use these? Many do as Mad Mumzie discovers.

Did the Real Miner have to change colour of his Hard Hat between sites? No, once you are experienced you don’t go back, even if you are new to that mine.


Donga more homely episode 28

“PPE” is personal protective equipment.. we couldn’t think of the correct name at the time! You might need to know that for an interview perhaps.

I asked the Real Miner if the blokes have separate cubicles in bloke’s underground bath houses….

“Not really most are open, but some have cubilces, not many though.”

How Could You Get an Apprenticeship?

BMA (Bhp Mitsubishi Alliance) website jobs. Watch here for the next Apprenticeship applications. 2016 was in June for 2017 positions.

Google “Mining Apprenticeships and the year”




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