32 Work Underground in a Coal Mine. Could you do it?

A coal mine is dark, black, wet, dusty and noisy. How and why do they do it? Could you? 2 underground coal miners share their story and the differences they have found now they are working in an open cut pit. Is this real mining or landscape gardening? Conditions, struggles and do they still think they are miners?

LINKS mentioned in the episode:

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Black Lung Disease: ABC article and audio

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I know this was a long episode but I think we had a lot of ground to cover. That’s the beauty of podcasts you can go as long as it needs to be, and you can hit pause and come back to it when you’re ready.

I want to thank the guys for opening up and sharing their thoughts and experiences, both as underground and now open cut operators. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did?

**Shaun wanted me to add something he forgot to mention in our interview. He took his Dad on a mine tour and a little worried his Dad pointed out the signs on the way down saying “wrong way-go back!” He thought he was taking him the wrong way!

Shaun shared that the signs are there because if you get lost or disorientated you could actually be heading into the mine unknowingly as the road in goes down, but also up at times. Another reason for me not to go down there!

On a side note The Real Miner was listening in during the editing process and was agreeing whole-heartidly most of the time. Hmm maybe he is a real miner after all..but don’t tell him i said that!

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Until next week, stay safe, be real, be special and have fun for we only live once.Mad Mumzie Hard Hat Logo

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