1 Year Anniversary. Red Carpet or Cyclone Debbie?

Special 1 year anniversary episode. Recorded over 10 days before, during and after Cyclone Debbie in Tropical Nth Queensland. How has this affected those working in the mines? Mad Mumzie shares thoughts, feelings, sounds and insights for you. Where will the cyclone hit? Will it be a cat 4 or 5? What was it like with no power for 8 days? Will she get to Sydney?  In this one year anniversary episode she went from figuring out what to wear on the Red Carpet at the first ever Australian Podcast Awards in Sydney to, will  my house get blown away or a gum tree land on it?

 Cyclone Debbie 1 year anniversary

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I know this was a long episode but it was over 10 days! Remember you can hit pause and come back to it at any time. I would love to hear your feedback. How did you get through Cyclone Debbie?

Cyclone Debbie track:

Cyclone Debbie

cyclone debbie

Pic attributes: Bureau of Meteorology

Winds from the south

Our 1st Generator Angels!


Castaway Awards. 1st Ever Australian Podcast Awards.. Live streaming..for 5 minutes

Winds from the north

Excitement!! The power guys are gathering!!

Abraham say look for the joy.

Our 2nd generator Angels


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