26: 5 Newbies and Why They Quit!

Why did 5 cleanskins choose to leave mining after finally getting their dream job as a Dump Truck Operator?  This audio blog episode shares some of the struggles I have heard from people of various ages and genders who have not cut it. What went wrong for them? We all were green once. Some got it straight away, and others, like me had to work damn hard to figure it out. How can we all help out new peeps on our crew? Plus we have an update from Karen who was with us in part 2 and 3. You may be surprised to know after all of that she only lasted 3 months! What is she up to now?




Smart Cap sleep technology

Karen : Cleaner to Dump Truck Operator Part 1

Karen: Cleaner to Dump Truck Operator Part 2

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