001: About Beers with A Miner

The “Beers with a Miner”  Podcast interviews people involved in the mining industry, on all levels of involvement.

Join me in this relaxed, unique style as I unwind with a mate, or get to know a new friend.  Solo shows will share my journey too as an audio blog.

Beers with a miner

Interview Time!

What is it really like? How do you handle shift work? Working away from friends and family? Women working in a male dominated industry? How do you get a job in the mines? Do you really drive those big trucks? Don’t you get bored?…….All this and much more.

001: Show Notes & Links

my grandson

My Grandson was born before the podcast went live. He is now one month old, but was 3 weeks early so i was pretty much on track!

Shift Miner Magazine were the first to give Mad Mumzie a go as a writer in their mining and gas industry publication.

I changed my mind on the secret at the end….Don’t think at this stage I will be sharing my bloopers. Maybe one day I will have a whole episode of them!

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Thanks to my “Girlfriend” Cookie for the tunes.

Read on to delve deeper into my passion for sharing this mining lifestyle with you…….

Why a podcast about mining life?

  • So we can uncover lessons, tips and stories for educational purposes, whilst having a bit of fun.
  • Helping people who are thinking of venturing into this industry see what it really is like to be a miner.
  • To help see how important it is to look after each other out there, not just on the safety side, but also sadly mental health wise.
  • Showing those who are stuck in it now (golden handcuffs) new ways to deal with still being there after initially planning to only be there for 3-5 years!
  • To inspire all miners to make their escape plan (when the time comes.) To leave mining with dignity, security, a sense of fulfillment, freedom and success with all relationships and your health intact.

“Let’s talk about some of these things, and see where it leads us.

A chin wag with a mate.”


Examples of topics we will cover:

  • Your mining Journey. When did you start, what do/did you do?
  • Perception v Reality. Is it what you thought it would be?
  • Family issues. What have you missed out on, how has it affected your friends and family?
  • Lessons to share with those trying desperately to get in.
  • Advice for women in mining and other male dominated industries, from both women and men.
  • Old School vs now. The good ol days!

From dump truck and multi-skilled operators to underground workers, drillers, cleaners, chefs, maintenance in the camps, blast crew, bus drivers, safety gurus, construction on site, trainers and labour hire, fitters, draglines, industry advocates, other mining bloggers, authors and many more….next on my hit list is to find a CEO!

This is about sharing underlying lessons, passions, and I hope entertaining stories from many characters of all ages in this industry . A couple of beers during happy hour can loosen up some “old school” miners I am finding. This way their real thoughts and valuable lessons can be told. More along the lines of:

“This One Time at Band Camp!

The interviews have started, and I am putting in the hard yards! I know I am having a blast meeting up with old mates, making new friends and learning more and more about mining life and its affect on:

  • Families
  • Friendships
  • Self esteem
  • Networking
  • Trust
  • Physical and mental health
  • Money matters
  • Safety
  • ……and the deep and meaningful issues like:

 “Why do you drink Jack Daniels instead of beer!?”

If you think you would like to have a beer with me (or a Jacks, or a cup of tea?) and sit down for an interview I would love to hear from you. Who do you know who may be interested in contributing their ideas, networking or feedback to help in this journey?

Below is the video created for a past pozible campaign that sadly was unsuccessful but, hey Mad Mumzie is still doing it anyway!!

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Until next week, stay safe, be real, be special and have fun for we only live once.


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Let the journey continue……

Mad Mumzie xx


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