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Brendan Waddington is the author of “The Wellness Bible: A No Bullshit guide to health and wellness.” He’s also a Naturopath, Clinical Masseur, Personal Trainer, and Yoga Instructor. If you’re skeptical, don’t worry. So is Brendan, but he’s ready to blast through the bullshit, find the truth, and help you live a healthy life right now, miner style! Listen in to the end when MM discovers his latest role as an operator! 

Brendan Waddington

Brendan Waddingtom


We connected over skype and had heaps of trouble getting the technology to play the game. Mercury was in retrograde so I now know never to do a skype interview when that’s on again!

I have since discovered zoom and that is much more appealing for online interviews. Gotta love technology.
By the time we finally started we were on about our second beer I think so we were both pretty relaxed.
I did manage to salvage most of our interview but gave up on the first 3 minutes.

Links from the Episode:

The Wellness Bible. No Bullshit Website

Travis Robinson. Outer Bounds Racing on You tube. Brendan’s mate who said hi to us all!

Argyle diamond mine

Barrow Island

Mercury in Retrograde!

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2019: March 5 – 28, July 7-31, Oct. 31 – Nov. 20

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