24 Julia Hartman Accountant and Publicity Tart

Publicity Tart! Passionate accountant, founder of Bantacs Accounting Group, author, social media guru, dog lover and digital nomad, Julia Hartman shares ways that miners can make the most of their hard earned cash. As the first sponsor for Beers With A Miner Podcast the law is laid down for us all in a fun and relaxed conversation over a ginger beer, looking out over the ocean on a lovely Central Qld afternoon. Don’t worry Mad Mumzie had a real beer!

SHOW NOTES & Links: Julia Hartman

Julia HartmanBantacs Miner’s Page  including spread sheet for your tools of your trade

Mad Mumzie Money Page

 Winning Property Tax Strategies Book co written with Noel Whittaker 

 Julia’s You Tube Channel


Bantacs propery accountants facebook page

add pic of isolation lock…to come

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