BONUS 1 QME 2016

Qld Mining Expo Mackay. Mad Mumzie chats with the Expo Director, Holden’s Mining & Resources Manager about their million dollar 4WD concept car followed by Michelle from Redfox Mackay on drones in mining. My offsider takes a spin in a mining dump truck simulator and it catches fire! Also a great chat with 2 future guests from Mining Family Matters and the Mining & Energy Challenge. Learn their answers to questions the media and politicians wouldn’t have asked, only Mad Mumzie!

QME Mad Mumzie

 Robby Clark QME Director 

QME Robby Clark

Reed Mining Events

Qld Mining Expo

Australia Pacific International Mining Expo Sydney 2017

Guide to the Barossa Valley

Alicia Ranford Mining Family Matters

QME Alicia Ranford

Mining Family Matters Website

Mining Family Matters Facebook Page

 Paul Barnard

QME Paul Barnard


Mining and Energy Challenge

Peter Lehman Winery SA

Martin ..Holden National Mining and Resource Manager

QME Holden

QME Holden

New Holden Colorado

Holden Colorado Concept Car

BMA Simulator

Sadly the audio from my mic did not work very well for the interview with this lovely lady following the simulator ride. Operator errror…mine! Mic too far away, lucky I could rescue some audio from the video.


QME BMA Simulator

My Lovely off-sider had a tyre fire and more in the simulator!

Michelle….. Redfox Corporation MackayQME Redfox

Redfox Website

Redfox Facebook Page

Thanks so much to everyone we spoke to on the day sharing our passion for podcasting in general, and of course the Beers With A Miner podcast. Your help by sharing with your mates will help the show’s messages go far and wide.

Cheers, MM

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Until next week, stay safe, be real, be special and have fun for we only live once.


Mad Mumzie

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  1. drewskid says:

    very interesting and informative . your interviewing technique was masterful. looking forward to pod with ALICIA and BARNEY. well done

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