30 Dan. Young Operator and Practical Joker!

Dan started in the mines as a 20 year old. He missed partying with his mates, and then later missed his kids. He hates driving trucks and MM helps us to understand why, and Dan realises trucks are OK sometimes. How did mining affect his relationship? His roster was a tough one 5/2. Not long enough at home. A practical joker who stirs up the crew at times, but nice to see a different side and hear his story. Mad Mumzie learnt some new things about Dan and even talked him into having one beer with her!

 30 Dan Operator

The 3 episodes I snuck onto Dan’s USB

Brain Dead Trucki

10 ways to make your donga more homely

Are you cut out to be a miner?

Dan didn’t actually play NRL he meant Rugby League. He was disappointed he said that, but hey never say never!

Mad Mumzie you tube channel. links to dump truck videos

The song the other fucking crew! Be warned it’s eplicit..they are drillers after all but is funny about what happens when we are on break….hmm we need to do one for us Gravel Scratchers! Copy Cookie??

Movie about when women first got into mining…North Country

Are you Ok? Episode 19

Will he pull a prank on me? Stay tuned I will let you know!

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Thanks to my “Girlfriend” Cookie for the tunes!

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