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Cover Card stores all your tickets, licenses and resume in one place..and it’s free. Upload your info, securely and easily share via email, Facebook, LinkedIn and text. Co-founder and CEO Matt Tomlins loves cricket, AFL and once worked overseas in a mine, arriving in a huge ex Russian helicopter where there was a team that had to clear landmines before digging for the gold and copper. What are his tips for people trying to get into the mining industry? He turns the question back on Mad Mumzie and between the two of them heaps of ideas to find jobs, ways to apply and what to watch out for. Recorded in a cool co-working space in Brisbane Qld. Very inspiring catch up for Mad Mumzie!

cover card

cover card

Matt Tomlins Cover Card Co-Founder and CEO and Mad Mumzie

Jon Gwynne..is the Co-founder and boiler maker mate who started it all by showing Matt all his tickets and licence cards one day!

Links from the Episode:
contact email: admin@covercard.com.au

The co-working place in Brisbane Qld we did the interview River City Labs.”
Twitter @cover_card

You tube channel…great vids.

Overseas gold/copper mine in Laos called Sepon. Google shows that it has now closed operations.
Little Creatures Beer in Fremantle

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